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FRTF05 - Automatic Control, Basic Course for FIPi

Reglerteknik, allmän kurs för FIPi, 7.5 hp


 CEQ reports  

This course is scheduled for the first spring quarter period. The lectures are given in Swedish, but most material is also available in English. The course code was earlier FRT010.


Solutions to the exam 190826 are now available under "Old exams" below.
The exams are presented 190916 12.30-13.00 in Lab C.

Course Plan

A detailed program of the course is found in the Course Program 2019

The additional course Control Theory (3hp) is recommended for students wanting more theory.

Laboratory Exercises

The course have three mandatory laborator exercises given in course weeks 2-3, 4-5, and 6-7 respectively. There is a voluntary computer exercise in course week 3. You need to sign up for all of the labs and the computer exercise. See below for the sign-up system and for when the sign-up opens and closes for the different activities.

Sign-up System (Link)
Note: When the sign-up for an activity closes the lists might be taken down. Take a note of your chosen time!

Sign-up Lab 1: 21 Jan-
Sign-up Computer Exercise: 23 Jan-
Sign-up Lab 2: 30 Jan-
Sign-up Lab 3: 13 Feb-

The material for the computer exercise is in the exercise book, chapter 9. An English translation of the computer exercise is available here.


Threre is a collection of lecture notes that covers the course: (Swe) / (Eng).

There is a booklet with a collection of problems and solutions: (Swe) / (Eng).

The guidelines for the laborations are given in

Laboration 1 (Swe) / (Eng)
Laboration 2 (Swe) / (Eng)
Laboration 3 (Swe) / (Eng)

There is a collection of common results and formulae (formelsamling) (Swe) / (Eng) that also can be used on the examination.

The Swedish versions of the course material are sold at KFS.

The course is based on the books Reglerteori by Karl J. Åström
and Reglerteknik - Grundläggande teori by T Glad och L Ljung.
For further reading use for instance: Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers by K J Åström and R Murray available for free fulltext download.

Lecture slides

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7

Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10

Lecture 11

Lecture 12

Lecture 13

Lecture 14, see Ch 14 in Lecture notes

Lecture 15  exam March 2008, solutions

Other material

Here are some material that helps you prepare for the course.

Old exams together with solutions are also available.

You can download Bode diagrams in pdf-format to print out and draw your own Bode diagrams. When printing, don't forget to set page format to A4 in Acroreads print setup.

Here is a Swedish-English Control dictionary

 Lecture 1 material:


Some bonus material:

A short introduction video to control

Nice description of impact of control technology in different fields

Here is a fun robot-biking clip. This is another impressive robot clip. 

TED-talk on quadrocopters

Flying camera on a leash

Lecture 5: Flyball governor

Lecture 7: Bicycle stabilization

Lecture 10: Speed estimator

Lecture 11: Lag design and lead design examples

Leture 13: Design of ball process (outer loop)


Computer tools

There is a set of Interacting Learning Modules for use in learning Automatic Control. See

Control Tutorials for Matlab

Here are some fun control programming challenges you can try


Here are some short videos on topics from the course. These videos are in Swedish.


Also check out the Matlab videos on Bode diagrams



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