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Engineering Program

The engineering education follows the central European systems with a 5 year program leading up to the degree ''civilingenjör'' (civ ing) which is equivalent to an MSc according to the Bologna system as well as to the US and British systems.

Automatic control courses are taught as part of the engineering curricula in Engineering Physics (F), Electrical Engineering (E), Computer Engineering (D), Mechanical Engineering (M), Information and Communication Engineering (C), Environmental Engineering (W), Engineering Mathematics (Pi), Industrial Management and Engineering (I), Biotechnology (B), Engineering Nanoscience (N), Chemical Engineering (K), and Biomedical Engineering (BME).

Our courses are part of the these specializations.

Information sheets in Swedish are available as PDF documents.

The course registration has to be done at every new term and the students do this themselves on Ladok (see also this page). Students must register for both ordinary exams and re-exams via the student portal,    . The registration page opens 3 weeks before and closes 1 week before the exam. LADOK registrations are handled by Mika Nishimura.

Code Title Study Period Level Credits
FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course for ED 1 G2 7.5
FRTF20 Applied Robotics 1 G2 7.5
FRTN10 Multivariable Control 1 A/D 7.5
FRTN50 Optimization for Learning 1 A/D 7.5
FRTN35 System Identification 1 & 2 A/D 7.5
FRTF01 Physiological Models and Computations 2 G2 5
FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course for CMN 2 G2 7.5
FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course in China 2 G2 7.5
FRTN05 Nonlinear Control and Servo Systems 2 A/D 7.5
FRTN40 Project in Automatic Control 2 A/D 7.5
FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course for FIPi 3 G2 7.5
FRTF15 Control Theory 3 G2 3
FRTN45 Mathematical Modelling, Advanced Course 3 A/D 4.5
FRTN01 Real-Time Systems 3 & 4 A/D 10
FRTN15 Predictive Control 3 & 4 A/D 7.5
FRTF10 Systems Engineering 4 G2 6
FRTN25 Automatic Process Control 4 A/D 7.5
FRTN30 Network Dynamics 4 A/D 7.5
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