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FRTF10/FRTN25 - Systems Engineering/Process Control

Systemteknik, 6 hp / Processreglering, 7.5 hp







The exam correction is finished and the results are available in Ladok. The interested students can come and have a look at their exam on Thursday (June 20), 11:00 - 12:00 at Lab C of the Automatic Control Department.


Teaching & lab assistants

Student representatives

Course program

Reading material

Laboratory Exercises

Hand-in Assignments

  • Assignment 1 - Analysis and simulation of concentration dynamics
    • Sign up (Please sign up in groups of three!)
    • Deadline: 18 April 2019 (group division: 9 April 2019). If needed, it is sufficient to hand in your corrected version May 17 (since April 22 - May 4 are not ordinarily scheduled days at LTH).
    • Hand-In Assignment 1
    • Responsible: Hamed Sadeghi
    • Regarding the hand-in report:
      • You don't need to include (copy) the theory part from the assignment description.
      • Summarize your results (plots, discussion on the results, all equations that you have driven and answers to all questions) "CONCISELY" in your report.
      • Add your matlab codes at the end of your report as the Appendix.
      • All necessary solutions and plots should be in a self-contained PDF-document.
      • It should be possible to understand all material presented in your report without running any code.
      • Include contact information of your group in the first (title) page of your report.
      • Send your final report to Hamed Sadeghi, latest at 23:59 on 18 April 2019.

  • Assignment 2 - Dynamics for biodegradation of wastewater

For further instructions about the handins, see the course program.

Project (FRTN25 only)

Lecture Hand-Outs

The lectures are given by Lotta (L), Kristian (K) and a guest lecturer (G).

Extra Lectures (FRTN25 only)


  • Ordinary exam: Friday June 7, 14:00-19:00 Sparta:A-C.
  • Only allowed aids: writing material (no computer); pocket calculator (without custom software); collection of formulae (the ones above); TEFYMA.
  • Responsible: Hamed Sadeghi

Past exams


Here are some short videos on topics from the course. These videos are in Swedish.

Also check out the Matlab videos on Bode diagrams

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