Automatic Control

The Department of Automatic Control at Lund University was created in 1965 and has today grown to hosting about 60 people.

We give courses within the regular engineering program to students from different areas of engineering. We also have a PhD program where the students specialize in various theories and applications of automatic control.

Our research is concentrated to seven areas:
Modeling and Control of Complex Systems, Control and Real-Time Computing, Process Control, Robotics, Automotive Systems, Biomedical Projects and Tools.

The department is hosting several large research projects funded by the European Commission and Swedish funding agencies. There is also active collaboration with industry.

Positions for PhD students are announced here, usually around April 1 and October 1.


Control Process Automation Hall of Fame

We congratulate Charlotta Johnsson, who has been inducted in to the Control Process Automation Hall of Fame, an award that the magazine Control Global is in charge of. You can read more about Charlotta, her work and the hall of fame here 



Best Paper Award

We congratulate Michelle Chong, who is one of the authors on the paper entitled "SMT-based observer design for cyber-physical systems under sensor attacks", winner of Best Paper Award at ICCPS 2016




There is currently an open doctoral student position in Automatic Control with a focus on Industrial IT, Automation and Graphical Sequential Control Languages. The applicant should have an interest in computer science, automation, IT and industrial production, in addition to an interest in automatic control. The applicant will be involved in ongoing research projects such as LISA2 (Line Information Systems Architecture) and future projects with focus on Smart automation and manufacturing. These projects include collaboration with industrial partners and hence industrial experience is considered a plus. The position will be co-financed by Lund Linnaeus research centre ( 

Last day for application is May 2. The application is made online, in Swedish or English.

Recent Publications

Journal Article:
Gabriel Ingesson et al: Evaluation of Nonlinear Estimation Methods for Calibration of a Heat-Release Model. 2016.

Journal Article:
Anders Mannesson et al: Tightly Coupled Positioning and Multipath Radio Channel Tracking. 2016.

PhD Thesis:
Anders Mannesson: Joint Positioning and Multipath Radio Channel Estimation and Prediction. March 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Kristian Soltesz, Pedro Mercader: Identification for Control of Biomedical Systems using a very Short Experiment. January 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Pedro Mercader et al: PID Syntehsis under Probabilistic Parametric Uncertainty. July 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Kristian Soltesz et al: A Synthesis Method for Automatic Handling of Inter-oatient Variability in Closed-loop Anesthesia. July 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Behrouz Afzali Far et al: Dynamic Isotropy in 3-DOF Gantry Tau Robots – an Analytical Study. 2016.

Journal Article:
Camille Hamon et al: An importance sampling technique for probabilistic security assessment in power systems with large amounts of wind power. 2016.

Journal Article:
Olof Sörnmo et al: Frequency-Domain Iterative Learning Control of a Marine Vibrator. 2016.

Journal Article:
Olof Sörnmo et al: Learning Approach to Cycle-Time-Minimization of Wood Milling Using Adaptive Force Control. 2016.