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Multivariable Control – Lectures

The lecture material is subject to minor revisions. The color below indicates the status of each lecture (green = ready, red = not yet updated).

  L1: Introduction (slides and notes)
  L2: Stability and robustness (slides and notes), Matlab file: MIMO_gain.m
  L3: Specifications and disturbance models (slides and notes)
  L4: Control synthesis in frequency domain (slides and notes)
  L5: Case study DVD-player (slides and notes), Matlab files: loopshaping.m, plotspecs.m(Optional reading: "Sensing and Control in Optical Drives – How to Read Data from a Clear Disc")
  L6: Controllability, observability and multivariable zeros (slides and notes)
  L7: Fundamental limitations (slides and notes) (Optional reading: "Bicycle Dynamics and Control")
  L8: Decentralized control (slides and notes)
  L9: Linear-quadratic control (slides and notes)
  L10: Kalman filtering (slides and notes), Matlab file: simkalman.m (Optional reading: "A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems")
  L11: LQG control (slides and notes), Matlab files: servodemo.m, doyle_stein.m 
  L12: Youla parametrization, internal model control (slides and notes)
  L13: Synthesis by convex optimization (slides and notes),Matlab files: doyle_stein.m, DCservo.m(Optional reading: "Linear Controller Design: Limits of Performance via Convex Optimization")
  L14: Controller simplification (slides and notes)
  L14/15: Course summary (slides); Exam 2017-10-27 with Solutions

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