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Degree Project / Master's Thesis

The department always has a number of suggestions for degree projects (see below for examples). We can also often help to establish contacts with companies that are interested in degree projects, both in Sweden and abroad. The topics can include systems theory, modeling and simulation, machine learning, real-time systems, process control, automotive systems, robotics, and a large range of other application areas for control and dynamical systems in general.

If you are interested in doing your degree project with us please contact our Director of Studies, Anton Cervin (, or discuss directly with any of the teachers at the department.

Useful Documents in Swedish / English

Project proposals

Academic Projects

Academic–Industrial Projects

The following is a list of suggested projects in collaboration between multiple departments at LTH and/or industry:

Industrial Projects

The following is a selection of companies and some potentially control-related degree projects. Please contact Anton Cervin ( if you would like to add your company and your master's thesis project proposal(s) to this list.

Please note that the list below is far from complete, and you may find recent advertisments at, e.g., MyCareer and other job portals.


Current thesis proposals

Carrier Corporation and Modelon

Machine learning projects for Chiller Control

CogniboticsAdvanced Teleoperation with Haptic Feedback
Combine Control SystemsGeneral thesis information
Emulate Energy Thesis proposals on clean energy solutions

Dynamic Scheduling of Shared Hardware Resources, Optimized for deadlines and Low Latency using ML/AI

Adaptive server control for a low-latency application over the cellular network

EriksholmSeveral project proposals on audiovisual processing
Frövi/RockhammarSeveral project proposals on modelling, simulation and control in a pulp and paper mill

Current thesis proposals

OmotionOnline parameter estimation for a 3-wheel electric car
SWEPDigitalisering och optimering av produktflöde

International projects

The department has good international contacts and can help to arrange thesis projects in other countries. Some recent examples are California Institute of Technology, University of California at Berkeley, Imperial College, University of Newcastle, University of Melbourne, Laboratoire d'automatique de Grenoble, University of Coimbra, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL.

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