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Multivariable Control – Exercise Sessions

The exercise material is subject to minor revisions. The color below indicates the status of each chapter (green = ready, red = not yet updated). Problems marked with an asterisk (*) are extra problems.

  E1: Control basics (problems and solutions)
  E2: Stability and robustness (problems and solutions)
  E3: Specifications and disturbance models (problems and solutions)
  E4: Matlab, loop shaping, preparations for Lab 1 (problems and solutions)
  E5: Controllability/observability, multivariable poles and zeros, minimal realizations (problems and solutions)
  E6: Fundamental limitations (problems and solutions)
  E7: Decentralized control, preparations for Lab 2 (problems and solutions)
  E8: Linear-quadratic control (problems and solutions
  E9: Kalman filtering (problems and solutions)
  E10: LQG, preparations for Lab 3 (problems and solutions)
  E11: Youla parametrization, internal model control (problems and solutions)
  E12: Synthesis by convex optimization (problems and solutionsMatlab files)
  E13: Controller simplification (problems and solutions)
  E14: Old exam problems (problems and solutions)

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