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Multivariable Control – Course Program


Course responsible is Anton Cervin (, 046-222 32 70, M:5142). Course administrator is Mika Nishimura (, 046-222 87 85, M:5141). Their offices are on the 5th floor of the M building.


FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course or FRTN25 Automatic Process Control is required prior knowledge. It is assumed that you have taken the basic courses in mathematics, including linear algebra and calculus in several variables, and preferably also a course in systems & transforms or similar.

Course material

All course material is available in English. Lecture slides, lecture notes, exercise problems, and laboratory assignments are provided on the course homepage

Optional reading is provided in Glad & Ljung: Reglerteori – Flervariabla och olinjära metoder (Studentlitteratur, 2003) / Control Theory – Multivariable and Nonlinear Methods (Taylor & Francis / CRC, 2000, also available as e-book through Lund University Libraries). See the Reading Instructions

A very good online resource for reviewing many of the basic concepts of automatic control is Feedback Systems: An Introduction to Scientists and Engineers by Karl J. Åström and Richard M. Murray.


The lectures (30 hours in total) are given by Anton Cervin on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. See the LTH schedule generator for details.

Exercise sessions

The exercise sessions (28 hours in total) are given on Wednesdays and Fridays in two groups (free choice):

Group Times Assistant
1 Wednesdays 13–15, Fridays 10–12 Marcus Thelander Andrén
2 Wednesdays 10–12, Fridays 13–15 Olle Kjellqvist

The five computer exercises are held in Lab A in the course lab of Automatic Control LTH, located on the ground floor in the southern part of the M-building. You can also do most of the computer exercises on your own computer if you have Matlab with Control System Toolbox installed.

Laboratory sessions

The three laboratory sessions (12 hours in total) are mandatory. Booking is done in SAM. You must sign up before the first session starts. Before each session there are pre-lab assignments that must be completed. No reports are required afterwards.

LabWeeks Booking opens Room Responsible TopicProcess
1 38–39 Sep 5 Lab C Marcus Thelander AndrénLoop shaping design Flexible linear servo
2 40–41 Sep 16 Lab COlle KjellqvistMultivariable control Quadruple tank
3 42–43 Sep 30 Lab B Nils VremanLQG control MinSeg


The exam is given on Tuesday October 29 at 08:00–13:00 in Vic3:B-C. Retake exams are offered in January (unofficial) and April (official). Lecture slides (with markings/small notes), lecture notes and the Glad & Ljung book are allowed on the exam. You may also bring Automatic Control—Collection of Formulae, standard mathematical tables (e.g., TEFYMA), and a pocket calculator.

Q & A

A discussion board for the course is available in Piazza


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