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Multivariable Control – Reading Instructions

LectureGlad & LjungÅström & MurrayArticles (further reading)
L1: Introduction1.1–1.5
L2: Stability and robustness1.6, 2.1–2.5, 3.1, 3.4–3.510.1–10.3, 10.5
L3: Specifications and disturbance models5.1–5.6, 6.1–6.312.1–12.2
L4: Control synthesis in the frequency domain6.4–6.6, 8.1–8.212.3–12.4
L5: Case study: DVD player "Sensing and Control in Optical Drives – How to Read Data from a Clear Disc"
L6: Controllability/observability, multivariable poles & zeros3.2–3.3, 3.5–3.6
L7: Fundamental limitations7.2–7.914.2–14.4 "Bicycle Dynamics and Control"
L8: Decentralized control8.3
L9: Linear-quadratic control7.5
L10: Kalman filtering5.78.5 "A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems"
L11: LQG control9.1–9.4
L12: Youla parameterization, internal model control8.4
L13: Synthesis by convex optimization"Linear Controller Design: Limits of Performance via Convex Optimization"
L14: Controller simplification3.6
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