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SelectiCa.  Project within the European Union’s Eurostar programme and Swedish project part funded by VINNOVA  (ref. E!114572, SelectiCa).

Researchers LU: Anders Robertsson (Automatic Control), Jacek Malec (Computer Science)

SelectiCa - a new innovative solution for picking up natural casing

The project will develop a new innovative solution for picking up natural casing by sensor-based robotics, which will revolutionize the the sausage industry worldwide enabling full automation of measuringand sorting of natural casings.Today between 80-85% of European casings are sorted in China, still manually the same way as 75 years ago. This process is expensive, it pollutes the equivalent to 4 million cars annually, it reduces quality, it binds capital, it is furthermore wasteful due to human errors (5-10% production spill), the casings are underway for six months and are impossible to trace after they leave for China. SelectiCa will change all that and reduce production costs of 76.4%.