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Autonomous Flight (LUAV@Lund)

Participants: Rolf Johansson, Marcus Greiff, Anders Robertsson and Zhiyong Sun in cooperation with partners at 17 other departments at Lund University

Funding: Lund University cooperation grant "The future of drones" (LUAV@Lund)

Duration: 2018–2020

The project aims at strengthening the capacity within Lund University to address the societal needs by establishing an interdisciplinary platform for the development and application of autonomous drone systems for a variety of societal sectors. Within the platform, the aim is to connect and tie together established technology development (e.g., robotics, AI, image processing), research application (e.g., remote sensing and the study of cultural heritage) and applications in different societal sectors (e.g., forestry, agriculture, energy, construction, rescue operations) to make them inform of each other in a collaborative learning environment and create new synergies. We also aim to incorporate and integrate user views and perspectives to enable the development of knowledge and innovation directed towards private companies as well as the public sector. The project is expected to result in an increased network of collaborating partners, interdisciplinary grants for research and demonstrable applications for autonomous drone operations in the selected areas.