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Karl-Erik Årzén

Major Appointments

  • Co-director for WASP (Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program) responsible for research program coordination
  • Chair of the RMG (Research Management Group) and RMG-AS (RMG for Autonomous Systems) in WASP
  • Lund University representative in WASP
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the LTH Portal Area "Pillars of AI and Digitalization"
  • Head of Department from Jan 2024

Research Interests

  • Real-Time Control and Real-Time Systems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Control of and over the (Edge) Cloud


Personal Information


Current Projects

  • Nordic University Hub on Industrial Internet of Things (HI2OT)
  • VINNOVA project AORTA - Advanced Offloading of Real-Time Applications
  • ELLIIT project Robust and Secure Control over the Cloud

Past and Current PhD Students

Past PhD Students

  • Mikael Johansson, "Piecewise Linear Control Systems", 1999 (joint supervision with Prof Anders Rantzer)
  • Charlotta Johnsson, "A Graphical Language for Batch Control", 1999
  • Johan Eker, "Flexible Embedded Control Systems; Design and Implementation",  1999 (joint supervision with Prof Karl Johan Åström)
  • Magnus Gäfvert, "Topics in Modeling, Control, and Implementation in Automotive Systems", 2003 (joint supervision with Prof Björn Wittenmark)
  • Anton Cervin, "Integrated Control and Real-Time Scheduling", 2004
  • Rasmus Olsson, "Batch Control and Diagnosis", 2005
  • Dan Henriksson, "Resource-Constrained Embedded Control and Computing Systems", 2006
  • Tomas Skoglund, PhD thesis "Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Liquid Food Process Lines", 2007 (co-advisor)
  • Johan Åkesson, "Languages and Tools for Optimization of Large-Scale Systems", 2007
  • Vanessa Romero Segovia, "CPU Resource Management and Noise Filtering for PID Control", 2014 (co-advisor)
  • Karl Berntorp, "Particle Filtering and Optimal Control for Vehicles and Robots", 2014
  • Mikael Lindberg, "From Competitive to Cooperative Resource Management for Cyber-Physical Systems", 2014
  • Alfred Theorin, "A Sequential Control Language for Industrial Automation", 2014 (co-advisor)
  • Jerker Nordh, "Bayesian Inference for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems — Applications and Software Implementation", 2015 (co-advisor)
  • Yang Xu, "LQG-Based Real-Time Scheduling and Control Codesign", 2017 (co-advisor)
  • Victor Millnert, "", 2019 (co-advisor)
  • Gautham Nayak Seetanadi, "", 2021 (co-advisor)
  • Per Skarin, "Control over the Cloud: Offloading, Elastic Computing, and Predictive Control, 2021
  • Alexandre Martins, "Resource Management in Distributed Camera Systems", 2022
  • Tommi Berner, "Modeling and Control for Improved Predictability of Cloud Applications", 2022

Current PhD Students

  • Max Nyberg Carlsson
  • Ahmed Al Bayati

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