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My Research & Agenda 2030

My research is driven by the desire to benefit the world and our future society. I have the privilege to work in academia and having a strong connection to industry, a possibility that I am grateful for. I want my research to be be theoretically fascinating, practically stimulating, and personnally engaging!


I am a researcher at the Engineering Faculty (LTH) at Lund University, Sweden. My research mainly relates to four of UN's global sustainable goals (Agenda2030): 

  • Good health and well being (3): tomorrow's surgical reports will be completely different from the textual paper based reports that the hospitals are using today. In my research we focus on transforming the written reports to films with 3D-images in high resolution. 
  • Quality Education (4): University's value proposition to society is calling for a change. My research focuses on the importance of including cross-disciplinarily, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, and collaborative pedagogy.
  • Industry Innovation and Infrastructure(9) / Responsible Production and Consumption (12): Today's technical revolution implies new possibilities for custom made production in the future. The novel system architecture for Smart Industry and related international industry standards are examples of what my research is focused on.