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Tommi Berner (Nylander)

PhD student since 2016.


  • Funded by the WASP research program.
  • Part of the WASP Autonomous Clouds and Networks research cluster.
  • Control-based resource management in the cloud, involving:
    • Server response time control using graceful degradation
    • Strategies for load-balancing and auto-scaling
    • Interactions between control loops in the cloud
    • Modeling of request cloning and speculative execution
  • My page in LU Research Portal


Tommi Nylander, Johan Ruuskanen, Karl-Erik Årzén & Martina Maggio"Modeling of Request Cloning in Cloud Server Systems using Processor Sharing". 2020. Accepted for publication in 11th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE '20), Edmonton, Canada, April 2020.

Tommi Nylander, Johan Ruuskanen, Karl-Erik Årzén & Martina Maggio: "Towards Performance Modeling of Speculative Execution for Cloud Applications". 2020. Accepted for publication in 3rd Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing Performance, Edmonton, Canada, April 2020.

Tommi Nylander, Marcus Thelander Andrén, Karl-Erik Årzén & Martina Maggio:"Cloud Application Predictability through Integrated Load-Balancing and Service Time Control". 2018. In 15th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC '18), Trento, Italy, September 2018. Best Paper Award.

Tommi Nylander, Cristian Klein, Karl-Erik Årzén & Martina Maggio:"BrownoutCC: Cascaded Control for Bounding the Response Times of Cloud Applications". 2018. In IEEE American Control Conference 2018 (ACC '18), Milwaukee, USA, June 2018.


Fall 2019:

  • Linear Systems (9 hp)
  • Cloud Native Application Design (4 hp)

Fall 2017:

  • Feedback Control for Computing Systems (5 hp)
  • WASP Project Course (6 hp)

Spring 2017:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing (8 hp)
  • WASP Core Course: Software Engineering and Cloud Computing (6 hp)
  • Research Methods, Ethics and Innovation in Systems and Software (4.5 hp)
  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (5 hp)

Fall 2016:

  • WASP Core Course: Autonomous Systems (12 hp)
  • WASP Summer School: Control of Mobile Robots (2 hp)

Spring 2016:

  • Control System Synthesis (10 hp)
  • Queuing Systems (4.5 hp)
  • Introductory Workshop for Newly Admitted PhD Students at LTH (2 hp)


Fall 2019:

  • FRTN35 System Identification
  • FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course for CMN

Fall 2018:

  • FRTN35 System Identification

Spring 2018:

  • FRTN01 Real-Time Systems

Fall 2017:

  • FRTN40 Projects in Automatic Control

Spring 2017:

  • FRTN01 Real-Time Systems

Fall 2016:

  • FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course for ED

Spring 2016:

  • FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course for FIPi
  • FRTF10 Systems Engineering / FRTN25 Automatic Process Control


Adress: Naturvetarvägen 18, 223 62, Lund

Telefon 046-222 87 84

Hämtställe 9

Postadress Box 118, 221 00 Lund