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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships at Caltech

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) is a program open to students from all over the world who want to carry out a 10-week project at Caltech. LTH has a well established tradition of sending students through the SURF-program to projects hosted by Richard Murray, professor of Control and Dynamical Systems and Bioengineering at Caltech. The coordinator at LTH is Anders Rantzer. A list of past projects is given below. Interested students from LTH are asked to submit Statement of Purpose (personal letter) and CV to the international office of LTH. Selected applicants will be contacted by Murray around January 31 with instructions to prepare a full proposal before the official SURF deadline.



Filip Kronström (E15), River mapping using an Autonomous Surface
Vehicle equipped with LiDAR


Daniel Johansson (E14), Simulation of adaptive charging algorithms
Elin Larsson (B14), Engineering metabolic cross-feeding relationships for robust microbial consortia


Rijad Alisic (F13), Controller testbed using temporal logic
Malin Jönsson (B13), Synthetic biology: Communication Circuits for Synthetic Cells


Karl Fredrik Erliksson (F13), Power systems


Nuno Duarte (X11), Trajectory generation with temporal logic specifications
Charlie Erwall (F10), Control of aircraft electric power systems
Marcus Greiff (F12), Synthetic biology: A liquid handling robot


Anton Frisk (Nano09), Synthetic biology
Alexis Pirinen (Pi10), Machine learning
Maria Priisalu (D11), Machine learning


Fredrik Bengtsson (E09), Signal processing
Mattias Fält (Pi10), Synthetic biology


Adam Nilsson (M08), Robotics
Patrik Lundin (N09), Synthetic biology


Emanuelle Alm (I08), Modelling of Financial Markets
Magnus Håkansson (E08), Robotics


Oskar Hjärtquist (N07), Synthetic biology


Christopher Sturk (E05), Synthetic biology
Patrik Karlsson (D04), Economic market design


Stefan Skoog, Autonomous vehicles


Kristian Soltesz, Autonomous vehicles
Magnus Linderoth, Autonomous vehicles
Roman Galeev, Synthetic biology
Per-Ola Forsberg, Synthetic biology


David Bohlin, Autonomous vehicles
Martin Larsson, Autonomous vehicles
Johan Ugander, Synthetic biology


Marie Göransson, Autonomous vehicles
Erik Johannesson, Autonomous vehicles
Gustav Lindström, Autonomous vehicles
Lisa Nyström, Autonomous vehicles
Martin Böhm, Technology/economy in power systems
Emilie Hammargren, Modeling of ocean stratification


Henrik Kjellander, Autonomous vehicles
Hans-Kristian Knutsson, Synthetic biology

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