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LCCC Linnaeus center

LCCC - Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems

LCCC is a Linnaeus environment at Lund University funded by the Swedish Research Council since 2008. 

Our society is dependent on flexible infrastructurefor industrial production, energy supply and communication systems. This requires research and innovations on control of complex systems. Many challenges are common to a wide range of application areas and need to be adressed using a combination of competences from control, communications and computer science.

LCCC is developing theory, methods and tools for control of large-scale engineering systems. Positions for PhD students and postdocs in prioritized areas are combined with short term guest programs of a wider scope. This contributes to creating a highly creative and stimulating environment, that attracts strong applicants at all levels.

Positions for PhD students and postdocs are announced here.



The LCCC Linnaeus center is announcing a Focus Period on Learning and Adaptation for Sensorimotor Control in October 2018 with a workshop on October 24-26.

The aim of the focus period is to bring together leading researchers from different communities to create exciting cross-fertilization and new ideas. At any particular time, there will be room for up to 10 visiting scholars. A typical visit will be 3 weeks, either beginning or ending with the workshop week. Invitation as visiting scholar includes free accommodation and workshop registration. Interested visitors are encouraged to contact Anders Rantzer.