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Felix Agner

About me

I joined the department of automatic control in January 2020. I have a MSc in Engineering Physics from Lund University where I did my master thesis on time series clustering of electrical load patterns at automatic control in 2019. The interested reader can find it here.

Research and Publications

I am working in the departments project on scalable control and in particular its application in the area of demand response in the energy sector. I want to answer the question of how to coordinate the heat load of units connected through an energy grid in a way that 

  • is scalable to large grids,
  • requires minimal communication,
  • provides performance guarantees and
  • is robust to model uncertainties.

As energy grids become more complex and rely increasingly on intermittent energy sources, the question of how to start controlling the system load becomes increasingly important.


Decentralized PI-control and Anti-windup in Resource Sharing Networks

A data-based comparison of methods for reducing the peak volume flow rate in a district heating system


Combating district heating bottlenecks using load control

Hydraulic Parameter Estimation in District Heating Networks 

Anti-Windup Coordination Strategy Around a Fair Equilibrium in Resource Sharing Networks

Licentiate Thesis

On Hydraulic Constraints in Control of District Heating Systems


Spring 2020

  • FRTF05 - Automatic control, basic course for F I Pi
  • FRTN45 - Mathematical Modelling

Fall 2020

  • FRTF05 - Automatic control, basic course for D E

Spring 2021

  • FRTF05 - Automatic control, basic course for F I Pi
  • FRTN45 - Mathematical Modelling

Spring 2022

  • FRTN75 - Learning-Based Control

Fall 2022

  • FRTN40 - Project Course in Automatic Control

Spring 2023

  • FRTN75 - Learning-Based Control

Fall 2024

  • FRTN70 - Projects in Learning and Control

Spring 2024

  • FRTN75 - Learning-Based Control



Postal address:
Box 118, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden

Visiting address:
M-huset, 2154-55
floor 2