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Programming Languages and Concepts

Study circle on Dan Grossman's "CSE341 Programming Languages", 7.5 hp

 Session Content Responsible
 0. Wed April 20 at 9-10  Course intro & planning  Anton
 1. Mon May 2 at 14-16  Homework 1, Unit 1  Anton
 2. Tue May 10 at 13-15  Homework 2, Unit 2  Martina
 3. Mon May 16 at 13-15  Homework 3, Units 3-4  Gautham + Gabriel
 4. Mon May 23 at 13-15  Homework 4, Unit 5  Yang + Alexandre
 5. Mon May 30 at 13-15  Homework 5, Unit 6  Mattias + Anders N
 6. Wed June 15 at 13-15  Homework 6, Unit 7  Martin + Josefin
 7. Mon June 20 at 13-15  Homework 7, Unit 8  Gustav (+Martina)



  • Each session is led by one or two responsible person(s) who should prepare
    • a short presentation on the most important concepts and some personal reflections/observations on the unit(s) covered,
    • reference solutions to the homework problems.
  • You do each homework individually. You may of course consult others about practical matters.
  • Each homework is graded by the person(s) who is (are) responsible for the session. You should email your solutions to the responsible person(s) no later than 12:00 beforeeach session.
  • Each homework can give up to 90 points for the regular problems and up to 10 extra points for the challenge problems. Follow the rules and guidelines provided with each homework when preparing and grading them.
  • You need at least 50 points on each homework and an average score of at least 70 points to pass the course. (Your own session does not count towards the average.)
  • A prize will be given to the student with the highest average score.