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Lab development


Pontus Andersson (mentor - mechanical hardware)
Anders Blomdell (mentor - communications protocol & electronics)
Tore Hägglund and Bo Bernhardsson (mentors - Pedagogic manuals)
Anders Nilsson (computer/documentation support) 
Kristian Soltesz (coordinator, mentor - electronics)

Course description:

The goal of the course is to develop (control) engineering and pedagogic skills, while creating a new ecosystem for our course lab, consisting of: hardware to communicate between PC and lab processes (ADC/DAC, amplifiers/drivers); user interface on the PC side; new cheap lab processes; pedagogic manuals.

Notes from intro meeting

TBD on first course meeting (slides) May 3, 2017.


Since we are several participants, it is essential that everyone keeps their contributions well documented. (You should be able to continue development on someone else's project after the course, without asking her/him for additional information.)

Please organize all activities within the course under git repos (create as needed) in the git group There is a repo called 'main' in the labdev group. We will use its wiki to organize ourselves, and its gitlab issue tracker to post, assign, and follow up issues.