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Ongoing Projects


  • Minimizing Polarization in Opinion Networks
    Student: Samuel Selleck
    Advisor: Giacomo Como
    Examiner: Emma Tegling
    Starting Date: Autumn 2021
  • Mapping building environments to allow for detection of construction errors with visual SLAM and Spot
    Student: Ola Nilsson
    Advisor: Anders Robertsson, Maike Klöckner
    Examiner: Anton Cervin
    Starting Date: Summer 2021
    Estimated Date of end: Autumn 2020
  • Cooperative Take-off/Landing and High-level Planning for Collaborative Robot System deploying UAV Drones and Spot Robot
    Student: Hicham Mohamad
    Advisor: Anders Robertsson, Gregory Austin
    Examiner: Anton Cervin
    Starting Date: Summer 2021
  • A practical approach to the electric vehicle routing problem
    Student: Johan Hellmark
    Advisor: Giacomo Como
    Examiner: Bo Bernhardsson
    Starting Date: Autumn 2021

  • Digitalization and optimization of a production flow
    Student: Sergio Mora Carrion
    Advisor: Anders Robertsson
    Examiner: Charlotta Johnsson
    Starting Date: Spring 2021
    Estimated Date of end:  June 2021
  • Accurate Compliance of a Robot Arm using Cartesian Impedance Control
    Student: Oussama Chouman
    Advisor: Björn Olofsson, Julian Salt Ducaju, Matthias Mayr
    Examiner: Anders Robertsson
    Starting Date: Spring 2021

  • LiDAR Cone detection intergrated in perception system of Formula Student Car 
    Student: David Carpenfelt, Gustaf Broström
    Advisor: Björn Olofsson
    Examiner: Anders Robertsson
    Starting Date: Spring 2021
    Estimated Date of end: June 2021

  • Safety and stability of Furuta pendulum control using Neural Networks 
    Student: Philip Olhager
    Advisor: Richard Pates, Johan Grönqvist
    Examiner: Anders Rantzer
    Starting Date: Spring 2021

  • Advanced Teleoperation with Haptic Feedback
    Student: Eric Ragnarsson
    Advisor: Anders Robertsson, Mahdi Ghazaei Ardakani
    Examiner: Rolf Johansson
    Starting Date: August 2020
    Estimated Date of end: December 2020
  • Dynamic Capacity Networks In Embedded Systems
    Student: George Ryrstedt
    Advisor: Johan Grönqvist
    Examiner: Karl-Erik Årzén
    Starting Date: July 2019
    Estimated Date of end: December 2019