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FRTF15 - Control Theory

Reglerteori, 3 hp

CEQ     Syllabus

This is a course that is scheduled for the third quarter (study period 3 (VT lp1)).

The course is intended to be followed in parallel with the basic course in control (FRTF05, previously FRT010). It gives a more mathematical treatment of the topics in the basic course. Currently the course is aimed at F, Pi, and D students.

Course Plan

Course Program 2019




  • The introduction meeting and the first lecture of the course is to be held on Thursday, January 31, 2017 at 15.15-17.00 in M:2112B.
  • The free platform Piazza will be used for posting and sharing information and material during the course. To sign-up, please follow this link.

Hand-in Assignments


Assignment 1

  • Solved in groups of two or three people
  • Written report handed in no later than Tuesday February 19, 15:00
  • Solutions can be sent to or handed in to Mattias or Pontus/Anders at the second floor in the M-building.
  • One member from each group signs up for a single presentation slot here: link  (March 5 or 6, 2019)


Assignment 2

  • Solved individually
  • Written report handed in no later than Friday March 15, 24:00
  • No presentation

Alternative MinSeg Assignment 2 uses the following manual from Linköping: link

  • Solved Indiudually or in groups of 2
  • No presentation
  • Details on which parts of the manual that needs to be done will be posted here soon, temporary instructions are handed out at the exercise.

Schedule and material

Study week Slides Assignments Pages
2 Lecture 1 1.1 71-101
3 Lecture 2 1.2, 1.3 101-129
4 Lecture 3 1.4 206-235
5 Lecture 4 2.1, 2.2a-c 139-150
6 Lecture 5 2.2d-g 151-162
7 Lecture 6 2.3 N/A



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