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FRTF15 - Control Theory

Reglerteori, 3 hp

CEQ     Syllabus

This is a course that is scheduled for study period 3 (the first half of the spring semester).

The course is intended to be followed in parallel with the basic course in control (FRTF05 Automatic Control, Basic Course). It gives a more mathematical treatment of the topics in the basic course. Currently the course is aimed at F, Pi, and D students.


There is a Canvas course page containing more material. This is also where you hand in the assignments.

To hand in material, you need to be a registered student to the course. You will get an invitation from Canvas when you start the course.

For late registration, contact your program administrator and


Course Plan

FIRST MEETING: Thursday January 30 2020 15.15-17 in the M:2112B (Control department seminar room). Welcome!


Course Program 2020

Hand-in Assignments 

Assignment 1

  • Solved in groups of two or three people
  • Written report handed in no later than 12.00 on Feb 16 2020
  • Solutions should be handed in via the Canvas course page
  • One member from each group signs up for a single presentation slot using this doodle. Write your group number. There are 7 group slots per occasion. Only choose one occasion (either 17/2 13-15 or 19/2 15-17).

Assignment 2

  • Solved individually
  • Written report handed in via Canvas no later than 23.59 on March 13 2020
  • No presentation
  • You will get individual feedback on your written report via Canvas.

The grade for the course is PASS / FAIL. You need to pass both assignments.

Schedule and material

Study week Slides Assignments Pages
2 Lecture 1 1.1 71-101
3 Lecture 2 1.2, 1.3 101-129
4 Lecture 3 1.4 206-235
5 Lecture 4 2.1, 2.2a-c 139-150
6 Lecture 5 2.2d-g 151-162
7 Lecture 6 2.3 N/A 


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