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Collaboration with Industry and Organizations

Collaboration - for mutual benefit

There are many ways in which industries and/or organizations can collaborate with the department, some are linked to our educational activities others to our research activities. 

  • Hosting a Master's Thesis / Degree Project
  • Project Work within a Course
  • Guest Lectures and Company Visits
  • Industrial PhD student
  • Partner in a Research Project
  • Affiliated/Adjunct positions
  • [Adjungerad Lektor/Adjunkt/Professor]

This page describes these options for collaboration in more detail.

The Partner Club is a way for Industry and Organisations to stay in touch with us, to follow our work, and to discuss collaborations with us. You can also contact us at

Collaboration in Education

These forms of collaboration works with students in first- and second-cycle education, and our Director of Studies for first- and second-cycle education, Anton Cervin organizes and coordinates many of these activities.

Master's Thesis / Degree Project

Hosting a master's thesis project (or degree project as it is formally called) is the most common form of collaboration between LTH and industry within education. A master's thesis project is an independent project for students (often working in pairs) to develop specialised knowledge within a subject, and it corresponds to 20 weeks of full-time studies. In the project, the student should integrate knowledge from many different courses and acquire new knowledge. The results should be of interest both to the client and to a wider audience. For Master's Theses at the Department of Automatic Control, the project should be related to systems and control engineering in the broad sense, and can include, for instance, modeling and simulation, machine learning, design and optimization, as well as real-time implementation.

Project Work within a Course

Several of our courses contain projects, including Project in Automatic Control, Applied Robotics, Mathematical Modeling, Real-Time Systems, and Project in Systems, Control and Learning. The aim is to let the students apply their knowledge and skills on realistic problems, working in project form. A course project in industry could serve as a preliminary investigation, which could later be extended into a master's thesis project. If you believe that you have suitable industrial projects or case studies, please contact us.

Guest Lectures and Company Visits

Guest lectures from industry and organisations and company visits are always a welcome addition to our courses for engineering students. We have frequently had industrial guest lectures in some of our courses, including Real-Time Systems and Systems Engineering / Process Control, and our students would appreciate to have even more. Please contact us if your company is interested in contributing to our educational activities.


Collaboration in Research Projects

These forms of collaborations work with our PhD students and with faculty staff. Our Director of Research-studies Pontus Giselsson, and our Head of Department Anders Rantzer, organise and coordinate many of these activities. 

Partner in a Research Project

Good contacts with industry, regional councils, and other non-governmental organisations have been key to establishing a number of Vinnova projects focused on Innovative Control Applications:

  • The Surgeon's Perspective (with the University Hospital in Lund, Business Region Skåne, Cognibotics, and others),
  • Strategies and Standards for Smart Swedish Industry (with Blue Institute, SIS, SEK, PiiA and Prod2030),
  • On Humans for Humans (with Vävnadsbanken (the Tissue Bank), the University Hospital in Lund, Cognibotics, Robovision BVBA),
  • Industrial Cloud Sandbox (with Ericsson Research and Umeå University).

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Industrial PhD student

An industrial PhD student is employed by the company while performing PhD studies at the department. They work with the department and company on research topics of interest to both. The department currently has several industrial PhD students funded by different organizations, including WASP, [...].

Currently, three companies are deeply involved in WASP research projects with one industrial PhD student each: Axis, Ericsson, and SAAB Kockums. 

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Affiliated/Adjunct Staff

Affiliated staff are fully employed at a company but are affiliated with the department (usually 20%) for a limited time. The affiliated staff does not have to be a [adjunkt], [lektor] or professor. 

Adjuct staff are employed part time at a company and part time at the department, and that time can be spent on teaching, supervising PhD students and working on research projects. The adjuct position can be as a [adjunkt], [lektor] or professor.

The department has a long and profound collaboration with Ericsson which is, among other activities, also  maintained via our adjunct professor, Johan Eker, spending 20% at the department.

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