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A toolbox for simulation of MPC controllers in Matlab

MPCtools is a freely available Matlab/Simulink-based toolbox for simulation of MPC controllers. MPCtools provides easy to use functions to create and simulate basic MPC controllers based on linear state space models.

The key features of the toolbox include:

  • Support for linear state space models for prediction
  • Quadratic cost function
  • Linear inequality constraints on states and controls
  • Observer support for state and disturbance estimation
  • Integral action by means of disturbance estimation
  • Two different QP solvers for solving the optimization problem



MPCtools is designed to run with Matlab 7 (R14) and Simulink 6, but should work also with Matlab 6 (R13). MPCtools can be freely downloaded as a compressed archive including two application examples.

For installation instructions, see the reference manual.


If you find any bugs, please contact


MPCtools has been developed by Johan Åkesson.