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FRTN01 - Real Time Systems

Realtidssystem, 10 hp

Advanced course covering methods for design and implementation of real-time computer control systems.
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  • [2019-05-24] The June exam takes place on June 4, 8:00 - 13:00 in Sparta:B. You register for the exam using Ladok as usual.
  • [2019-05-20] The exam results have now been uploaded to Ladok and should be visible there shortly. There will be an exam display on Friday 24/5 12:30-13:00 in Lab C.
  • [2019-05-03] Solutions to the exam are now available here.
  • [2019-04-04] According to TimeEdit there is a lecture today at 15:15. That is wrong.
  • [2019-03-15] Sign up for laboratory session 3 is now available here.
  • [2019-02-26] Sign up for laboratory session 2 is now available here.
  • [2019-02-12] Sign up for laboratory session 1 is now available here.
  • [2019-01-31] Note that the lecture today, 31st Jan is at M:B not at E:C
  • [2019-01-24] Sign up for problem solving and computer exercises using this link.
  • [2019-01-22] Computer exercises C0 and C1 are now available.
  • [2018-11-23] Initialized webpage for 2019.

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Student representatives

  • [2018] Sverre Knutsen,, F
  • [2018] Ivan Llopis Beltran,, M
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