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Trevel and Accomodation

Travel Information and List of Hotels

If you arrive by air

There are two airports close to Lund. One is Malmö Airport (Sturup), about 30 km southeast of Lund. The other one is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), which is located in Denmark, about 60 km away.

  • Malmö Airport (Mainly domestic flights). Malmö Airport has frequent connections with Stockholm but only a few regular international flights. There is a bus service from the airport to LTH and to Lund central station, usually in connection with planes from Stockholm. For Taxi service, see below.

  • Copenhagen Airport (International flights). From Copenhagen airport, trains leave for Malmö and Lund every twenty minutes, except for in the middle of the night when they only leave once every hour. The trip to Lund takes about 45 minutes. The trains leave from terminal 3, straight ahead from the exit of the baggage reclaim area. If the train ticket is not part of your flight ticket (it could be) you have to buy the ticket in machines at the terminal, just at the entrance to the tracks. The ticket machines accept both cash and credit cards. The price for a train ticket to Lund is around 135 SEK. Please note that return tickets only are valid for 24h. You may have to change trains at Malmö central station. The sequence of stations is normally: Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, Hyllie, Triangeln, Malmö central station, Lund central station.

If you arrive by train

From Lund central station, there are a few options on how to reach LTH:

  • By city bus: There is a bus stop located 200 m northeast of the railway station in Lund. The city buses are green. Take bus no 1 towards "Östra Torn" and get off at the station "Professorsgatan", or take bus no 6 towards "Mårtens fälad" and get off at the station "LTH". About 5 minutes ride. The fare is 17 SEK. You CANNOT use cash on the local buses. Tickets can be bought as sms. Information is available at the bus stops.
  • By taxi: See below.
  • By foot: Walking to LTH takes about 20 minutes, if you know the way.

Taxi Service

Ask for "M-huset", Ole Römers väg 1, Lund

You should be a bit cautious when you take a taxi in Sweden. The taxi market is completely deregulated since a couple of years. The taxis are legally allowed to charge any rate they want, as long as the rate is shown on a piece of paper in the car window. The result of this is that there are quite a few "independent taxi operators" that try to scam foreigners/tourists. You are advised to only take a taxi that belongs to one of the large and trusted taxi companies. Normally they have their telephone numbers printed in large signs on the side/doors/roof of the cars. Also, in a line of taxi cars, you do not have to take the first car. You can pick anyone you like.

The price should be about 400-450 SEK from Malmö Airport to Lund (be sure to negotiate the price before the trip) and about 100 SEK from Lund central station to LTH.

Hotels in Lund

The following hotels have a rebate agreement with Lund University. The price given depends on this. If you stay at the hotel because you visit us, you should be able to benefit from that agreement.

Concordia Hotel
Stålbrogatan 1.
In the city center
Tel: +46 46-13 50 50.
Fax: +46 46-13 74 22
approx. 1115 SEK

First Hotel Planetstaden
Dalbyvägen 38.
1,5 km from city center.
Tel: +46 46-280 01 00
Fax: +46 46-280 01 99
approx. 1000 SEK

Grand Hotel
Bantorget 1.
In the city center
Tel: +46 46-280 61 00
Fax:+46 46-280 61 50
approx. 1500 SEK

Hotel Lundia
Knut den Stores torg 2
In the city center
Tel: +46 46-280 65 00
Fax: +46 46-280 65 10
approx. 1350 SEK

Hotel Duxiana
S:t Petri kyrkogata 7.
In the city center
Tel: +46 46-13 55 15
Fax: +46 46-13 56 71
approx. 1500 SEK

Ideon Gästeri
Sölvegatan 28
2 km from city center,
500 m from us

Tel: +46 46-211 79 00
Fax: +46 46-15 70 66
approx. 1100 SEK

Scandic Star Lund
Glimmervägen 5.
2,5 km outside city center
Tel: +46 46-285 25 00.
Fax:+46 46-285 25 11
approx. 1750 SEK

Hotell Sparta
Tunavägen 39.
1,5 km from city center,
very close to us
Tel: +46 46-19 16 00
Fax: +46 46-12 85 25
approx. 795 SEK

The following hotels have no rebate agreement with Lund University, but could be used anyway

Hotell Ahlström
Skomakaregatan 3
In the city center.
Tel/Fax: +46 46-211 01 74.
800 SEK

Systervägen 11
1 km from city center,
quite close to us
Tel: +46 46-17 86 00
500 SEK

Lilla Hotellet i Lund
Bankgatan 7
In the city center
Tel: +46 46-32 88 88
Fax: +46 46-38 58 68
1400 SEK

Hotel Oskar
Bytaregatan 3
In the city center
Tel: +46 46 - 18 80 85
Fax: +46 46 - 37 30 30

Laboratoriegatan 10
In the city center
Tel: +46 46-42 36 000
1190 SEK