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Seminars and Events at automatic control

All seminars are held at the Department of Automatic Control, in the seminar room M 3170-73 on the third floor in the M-building, unless stated otherwise.


Prof. Roch Glitho: Networking Infrastructure for the Metaverse: Challenges, State-Of-The-Art, and Research Directions


From: 2023-04-27 11:15 to 12:00
Place: Seminar Room KC 3N27
Contact: johan [dot] eker [at] control [dot] lth [dot] se

The department of Automatic Control is happy to announce a seminar by Prof. Roch Glitho from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

When: 27th of April, 11:15-12:00
Where: Seminar Room KC 3N27 at Dept. of Automatic Control
Speaker: Prof Roch Glitho, Concordia University in Montreal, Canada
Title: Networking Infrastructure for the Metaverse: Challenges, State-Of-The-Art, and Research Directions

The Metaverse makes hazy the frontiers between real and virtual worlds. Real end-users may for instance interact in an immersive manner with virtual objects (e.g. holographic concerts today). Even better, real end-users scattered around the globe may interact in a virtual world, just as if they were all together in a same physical location in the real world (e.g. holographic concerts tomorrow). A plethora of applications indeed expected from the Metaverse. However, these applications do pose major challenges for the networking infrastructure. In this guest lecture, we will use concrete examples to elaborate on the key challenges faced by the networking infrastructure of the Metaverse. These key challenges are the heterogeneity of the applications, the ultra high bandwidth and the ultra low latency. The key technologies used so far in the state-of-the art to tackle these challenges (I.e. network slicing, edge computing and In-Network Computing (INC)) are introduced. The solutions proposed so far are critically reviewed. Research directions such as hybrid edge/INC networking architectures for the Metaverse, and the related component placement algorithms are discussed.

Short bio:
Roch H. Glitho is a Full Professor of Networking and Telecommunications, an Ericsson/ENCQOR-5G Senior Industrial Research Chair, and a former Canada Research Chair at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He is also an Extraordinary Professor at the University of Western Cape in South Africa. He has joined academia in 2010 after an industrial career with LM Ericsson in Sweden and Canada. During his industrial career, he has held several senior technical positions (e.g. Expert, Principal Engineer, Senior Specialist). He is a former Editor-In-Chief of IEEE Communications Magazine and IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials journal. He is also a former IEEE Communications Society distinguished lecturer. He holds a Ph.D. in tele-informatics (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden), and M.Sc. degrees in business economics (University of Grenoble, France), pure mathematics (University of Geneva, Switzerland), and computer science (University of Geneva).