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Seminars and Events at automatic control

All seminars are held at the Department of Automatic Control, in the seminar room M:2112B on the second floor in the M-building, unless stated otherwise.


Optimized control strategies for a large-scale industrial district heating prosumer


From: 2023-02-17 10:30 to 11:15
Place: Seminar Room Automatic Control KC 3N27
Contact: anders [dot] rantzer [at] control [dot] lth [dot] se
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Seminar: Friday February 17, 10.30-11.15,

Speaker: Ulrich Trabert, University of Kassel, Institute of Thermal Engineering

Title: Optimized control strategies for a large-scale industrial district heating prosumer

Location: Seminar Room Automatic Control KC 3N27

In the research project ‘urbanHeat’, an integrated energy concept is developed for the truck engine manufacturer MAN in Nuremberg, Germany. The status quo of the heating demand and infrastructure at the site is analysed to detect energy efficiency potentials, implement measures to reduce heat demand and lay out scenarios for its future heat supply. An important aspect of the project is the connection of the site’s local district heating (DH) grid to the DH system of the city via an innovative large-scale substation. The substation allows for the return line to be fed back into the supply line of the city’s DH grid to further use the high return temperatures (and potentially excess heat) of the site, but also cascade the grid and reduce the supply temperature for subsequent consumers. Due to the size of the substation (up to 30 MWth) and consequently its effects on the operation of the main grid, the substation as well as selected subsequent consumers are closely monitored. An aim of the project is to use the monitoring data to develop and apply optimized control strategies and explore new business models for DH companies supplying heat to industrial customers.