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Taouba Jouini

Short biography

I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree at the Automatic Control Laboratory at LTH under the supervision of Prof. Anders Rantzer since August 2019. 

I was a graduate research assistant at Automatic Control Laboratory (IfA) at ETH Zurich from December 2016 to January 2019, where I mainly worked on system-theoretic solutions to synchronisation problems arising in power systems consisting in particular of interconnected DC/AC converters subject to disturbances.

I received both my Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Cybernetics Engineering (Technische Kybernetik) from University of Stuttgart in Germany in 2013 and 2016. My university studies were founded on the understanding of dynamical systems and rooted in the mathematical theory of control. 

Full and updated version of my academic and professional curriculum can be found at this link.


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Research interests

My research interests are related to the theory of modelling and control of networked systems with application to control of converters in power system.

I am always excited and curious about related engineering applications: social and biological applications (such as the study of gene regulatory networks and the differentiation of Mesenchymal stem cells). 


My research topics in power systems evolve around:

  1. Stability of nonlinear systems with symmetry with application to power systems: (Lyapunov and Contraction based analysis ). Collaborators: Prof. Zhiyong Sun, Prof. Florian Dörfler
  2. Novel control strategy for control of DC/AC power converters. Collaborators: Prof. Johannes Schiffer
  3. Stochastic optimization in power systems (Stochastic Differential Equations, Markov Processes). Collaborators: Prof. Emma TeglingProf. Zhiyong Sun




News and events


An updated list of my publications is available on Google Scholar and the research portal at LTH.


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