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Carolina Bergeling


Control of complex systems with focus on distributed control for energy systems. 

Scalability of conventional control methods. Many of the classical approaches to controller synthesis do not scale well for large and complex systems. This is mainly due to computational complexity and the lack of distributed structure in the resulting controllers. It is important that limitations on the information given and processed by sensors and actuators can be incorporated into the design procedure. However, such constraints may greatly complicate controller synthesis. Research is conducted that address these issues.

H-infinity control of large-scale systems. Improve upon and speed up algorithms for synthesis of H-infinity controllers of large-scale or infinite-dimensional systems.



FRTF01 Physiological models and computation

FRTN30 Network Dynamics

PhD-student at the Department of Automatic control since June 2013. Defended Licentiate Thesis in May 2016 and doctoral dissertation planned for June 2019. Currently on parental leave. 


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