Instructor: Prof. Alberto Leva

Number of credits: 5 hp

Control theory is spreading out in the computing system domain, and is producing very remarkable results. For a knowledgeable use of that theory, and an effective cooperation with its specialist, a computer scientist/engineer needs a firm understanding of its principles. During November 2017, Prof. Alberto Leva from Politecnico di Milano will visit Lund University and give a PhD course on "Feedback Control of Computing Systems". The course is suitable for students with an interest in the application of control techniques to computing systems.



The lectures are scheduled from 09:15 to 12:00 and from 13:15 to 17:00 every day from November 13 to November 17. Five full-day sessions: lecture in the morning, classroom practice in the afternoon. Question time and discussion et the end of each session.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrusday:



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  2. A. Filieri, H. Hoffmann, M. Maggio, "Automated design of self-adaptive software with control-theoretical formal guarantees", Proc. 36th International Conference on Software Engineering, Hyderabad 2014, 299-310.
  3. A.V. Papadopoulos, M. Maggio, F. Terraneo, A. Leva, "A dynamic modelling framework for control-based computing system design", Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems 21(3), 2015, 251-271.


Student performance is assessed in the form of a project to be completed after the course. The project will be carried out in groups of maximum three people. A report is required in the form of a short paper, to be discussed with the instructor.