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Laboratory 2

If you have any questions regarding the preparations, contact Gautham.

The preparatory exercises in this laboratory exercise can be made in JGrafchart. Make sure you have your files available at time of the laboratory exercise.

Laboratory manual (PDF)

JGrafchart is available on our lab computers and is started from a terminal with the command JGrafchart.

Code skeleton (open in JGrafchart): beadsorter.xml (Save Target As)

To run JGrafchart on another computer you can download and install it locally. After unpacking follow the instructions in README.txt.

There is a animated real-time simulation model of the bead sorter process available. Download it from here (Save Target As). In order to use it, do like this:

  1. 1. Load the BeadSorterSim.xml and your beadsorter.xml into JGrafchart.
  2. 2. Compile both.
  3. 3. Go to Edit/Application Properties of the beadsorter.xml and check the Simulator mode check box.
  4. 4. Run both.
  5. 5. Now the controller is running in simulation mode.
  6. 6. To change the value of the Tilt sensor you simply click on it.
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