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Computer Exercises

Below you will find links to the computer exercise material. The instructions and solutions will be updated and posted before each exercise session:

Problem Solving Exercises

The material for the problem solving exercises P0-P5 are found in the compendium "Real-Time Systems - Problem Solving Exercises", 2015, sold by KFS. You may also use the formula sheet below.

ScheduLearn - Scheduling Theory Learning Tool

The following program has been developed to help you understand the concepts of Scheduling Theory and to show you how a schedule may look for different scheduling algorithms. It is possible to enter task sets and choose different strategies, try to find the correct schedule and compare it to a given solution.

To download the program, we refer to the following git-page for the latest version:

Please Note: The program is still in Beta version so all feedback is encouraged and gratefully accepted. Feedback can be sent to

Computer and Language Links