TrueTime is a Matlab/Simulink-based simulator for real-time control systems. TrueTime facilitates co-simulation of controller task execution in real-time kernels, network transmissions, and continuous plant dynamics. Features of the simulator include



TrueTime is Matlab-based and requires Matlab R2012a with Simulink 7.9 (R2012a) or later. Control System Toolbox is required to run some of the examples. TrueTime has been tested under Windows, and Mac OS X, and Linux, but may run on other platforms as well. Please note:


Anton Cervin, Dan Henriksson, Martin Ohlin: "TrueTime 2.0 – Reference Manual". Department of Automatic Control, Lund University, Sweden, April 2016.


TrueTime Network for Modelica


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Anton Cervin, Dan Henriksson, Bo Lincoln, Johan Eker, Karl-Erik Årzén: "How Does Control Timing Affect Performance? Analysis and Simulation of Timing Using Jitterbug and TrueTime." IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 23:3, pp. 16–30, June 2003.