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Choose a model of a physiological system from the project list (see link below) or from the literature according to your interest. Perform mathematical analysis of the model and evaluate its properties with a comparison of published experimental data, if possible. Otherwise you should make a qualitative assasment of the properties of your model. Draw conclusions on the relationships among structure and function. Perform a critical analysis of the model quality and the accuracy.

For topics and information about the projects, click here

The FRTF01 course project can be done individually or in groups of two students (three students in rare cases, for example if you are unable to find a group otherwise). We allow for a maximum of two groups per project. If you do the same project as another group you will have to different variations of the project. Register your project by filling in this form (Deadline Passed).  Also check that your intended project is not already registered by two other groups (by checking the answers). Contact the TA if you are unsure about if your project is unique enough. If you need help finding a group, you can fill in the form and write in project title that you need a group.

Once you have chosen a project, make a short project proposal with a work plan and send it to for approval by November 13. You will be assigned a supervisor. Make sure you set an appointment with him/her to initiate your project. A brief project report on scientific format should be written and sent to no later than December 11. A short presentation (5 min) should be given on the project seminar December 5  in M:B. We expect the project to take less than one week of work.

The examination of the FRTF01 projects will result in grades passed or passed with distinction. If your project grade is passed with distinction, the final grade of the course will be raised by one unit. If your exam grade is 3, then your final grade will be 4. If your exam grade is 4, then your final grade will be 5. To reach pass with distinction you must satisfy the following

  • Work independently on the project in general and question formulation and Matlab implementation in particular.
  • Conduct a novel analysis of the model or implement and extension of it.
  • Very well written report.
  • More extensive literature survey than otherwise required.

You can talk with your project supervisor about how you are standing on the last three points.


To decide upon project and group: 13/11

Project seminar: 10/12

To hand in final report: 11/12

Project Groups and assigned supervisors will be posted here

Please contact your supervisor as soon as possible to initiate the project. Contact information is given under Personnel and Instructors in the main page.

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