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Focus of COMCO

In severely constrained environments, such as in embedded systems, all resources (computation, energy, memory, etc) must be carefully used. Hence, any resource-aware application developer cannot ignore the constraint of a scarce resource availability.

The Workshop on Computation and Control (COMCO) focuses on the impact of a resource-constrained computing platform over control systems. To stimulate the discussion, the workshop will present open problems and existing solutions in the domain of control system within resource-constrained environments. Examples of resource constraints of explicit interest of the workshop are:

  • limited computing capacity
  • parallelism or heterogeneity of the computing platform
  • limited amount of memory
  • non-zero and non-constant sampling-to-actuation delay

Questions of interest to the workshop include

  • what is the optimal control action which can be achieved with a given amount of computation?
  • what is the minimal amount of computation which can guarantee a given level of control performance?
  • what is the most suitable abstraction to model the amount of computing capacity? Do these abstractions apply to heterogeneous multicore platforms?
  • what are the most suitable measures of control cost?

The secondary target of the workshop is the establishment of fruitful discussions and collaborations between the communities of control systems and real-time embedded systems.

COMCO 2013 is part of CPS Week 2013.


Participation to the workshop is welcome from researchers from industry and academia. All participants must be registered to the workshop. Please visit the registration page to the register to the workshop.

Important Dates

  • 2013-03-08: early registration deadline
  • 2013-04-08: the COMCO workshop


  • Enrico Bini, Department of Automatic Control, Lund University, Sweden.