Gabriel Ingesson
Gabriel Ingesson
PhD Student, M.Sc
Phone: +46 222 08 47
Fax: +46 46 13 81 18

Ph.D. student at the Dept. of Automatic Control since January 2013.

I am working in the KCFP PPC control project, and particularly my research is focused on how the combustion process in PPC can be controlled using multiple injection strategies and model based control.

I defended my Licenciate thesis Model-Based Control of Gasoline Partially Premixed Combustion on the 2nd of December, 2015. 


Ingesson, Gabriel, et al. "Efficiency Optimal, Maximum Pressure Control in Compression Ignition Engines." IEEE Xplore Digital Library (2017).

Ingesson, G., Yin, L., Johansson, R. and Tunestål, P., 2016. Control of the Low-Load Region in Partially Premixed Combustion. Journal of Physics, Conference Series, vol. 744, 1.

Ingesson, G., Yin, L., Johansson, R. and Tunestål, P., 2016. A Double-Injection Control Strategy For Partially Premixed Combustion. IFAC-PapersOnLine49(11), pp.353-360.

Ingesson, G., Yin, L., Johansson, R. and Tunestål, P., 2016. Evaluation of Nonlinear Estimation Methods for Calibration of a Heat-Release Model. SAE International Journal of Engines9(2016-01-0820), pp.1191-1200.

Ingesson, G., 2015. Model-Based Control of Gasoline Partially Premixed Combustion. Licentiate Thesis.

Ingesson, G., Yin, L., Johansson, R. and Tunestål, P., 2015. Simultaneous Control of Combustion Timing and Ignition Delay in Multi-Cylinder Partially Premixed Combustion. SAE International Journal of Engines8(2015-24-2424), pp.2089-2098.

Ingesson, G., Yin, L., Johansson, R. and Tunestal, P., 2015. A Model-Based Injection-Timing Strategy for Combustion-Timing Control. SAE International Journal of Engines8(2015-01-0870), pp.1012-1020.

Yin, L., Ingesson, G., Shamun, S., Tunestål, P., Johansson, R. and Johansson, B., 2015. Sensitivity Analysis of Partially Premixed Combustion (PPC) for Control Purposes (No. 2015-01-0884). SAE Technical Paper.


Basic Course (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Multivariable Control (2015, 2016)

Real-Time Systems (2014, 2015, 2016)

Predictive Control (2017)

Completed Courses (ECTS)

Convex Optimization with Applications (7.5)
Advanced PID Control (7.5)
Distributed Control (6.0)
Linear Systems (9.0)
Internal Combustion Engines Fundamentals (15.0)
Funtional Analysis in System Theory (9.0)
Statistical Machine Learning (9.0)
Optimal Control (7.5)
System Identification (7.5)
Game Theory (8.0)
Computational Linear Algebra (7.5)
Internal Fire, History of Internal Combustion Engines (6.0)
Robust Control (9.0)
Julia for Scientific Programming (5.0)
Numerical Optimization (7.5)
Programming Languages and Concepts (7.5)
History of Control (3.0)
Deep Learning (7.5)


Constant-Pressure-Cycle Control

NO and Exhaust-Temperature Control

Low-Load Control

Predictive Pressure Control