Charlotta Johnsson
Charlotta Johnsson
Associate Professor (Docent)
Phone: +46 46 222 87 89
Fax: +46 46 13 81 18

Personal Information

Vice Dean LTH for Collaboration and Innovation, since March 2017 (link).

Chair-elect for ISO TC184/SC5 (Industrial Automation and Integration - integration, interoperability and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications), since January 2017 (link).

Associate Professor in Automatic control, since 2007. I have been with the department since 1993, except for four years when I worked in industry. I am involved in reseach activities, teaching activities and various external activities.



  • Research interests: 
    • Automation, Control and Production Systmems 
    • Technology Management and Engineering Leadership
    • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • More information about my research interests 


  • Research projects:
    • Bloqqi, an open modular application language (2017-2020): Vinnova, PiiA
    • Hjärtkirurgens digitaliserade verklighet (application): Sten K Johnssons stiftelse
    • Kirurgens perspektiv (application): Hjärt och lungfonden
    • Kirurgens perspektiv (application): Erling Persson stiftelse
    • 3D bilddata för hjärtkirurgi (application): Ingvar Kamprads stiftelse
    • DigiPi (application): Den digitala process industrin, Vinnova, PiiA
    • Doldis4x (application): Digital extrahering av dold kunskap för ökad produktivitet inom Industri 4.x, Vinnova, Digitalisering
    • 4S (application): Standards and Strategies for Smart Swedish Industry, Vinnova.
    • System Integrated 4 (SysInt4): Vinnova, Digitalisering
    • Hjärtkirurgens digitaliserade verklighet (application): en databas för utbildning och industriell utveckling av robotkirurgi, Vinnova-spjutspetsprojekt.
    • Data X Sweden (application): Nyindustrialiering i utbildningen, VINNOVA- spjutspetsprojekt
    • Digital Kirurgi (2016-2017): Kirurgens perspektiv, en 3d bildplattform för kirurgisk utbildning och utveckling av robotkirurgi, VINNOVA- UDI.
    • DigPI-1 (2016-2017): Digitized Process Industry -Part1, VINNOVA-PiiA
    • MAFOPA (application): Modulär Arkitektur for Feature-Orienterad programmering av Automationssystem, VINNOVA-PiiA
    • PICCLU (application): Process Industry Competence Centre at Lund University, VINNOVA
    • SIA (application): Smart Interactive Automation, SSF Smart Systems
    • SLA (application): Smart Langauges for Automation, SSF Smart Systems
    • LISA2 (2015-2018): Line Information System Architecture 2, VINNOVA-FFI
    • PiiA-Metrics (2014-2016): Key Performance Metrics for Swedish Process Industry, VINNOVA-PiiA 
    • MIND-methodology (application): Teching and Learning Entrepreneurship and Leadership in STEM curricula, NSF USA
    • BMoE (2014-2015): Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, teaching and learning methodologies
    • PIC-opic (2012-2014): Process Industrial Centre - Optimization, Performance, Integration, Control, SSF
    • LISA (2011-2014): Line Information System Architecture, VINNOVA-FFI
    • PIC-LU (2008-2014): Process Industrial Centre Lund University, SSF
    • LCCC (2008-present): Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems, VINNOVA-Linnaeus Center
    • More information about my research projects


  • Ph.D. thesis 1999-03 (pdf)
  • Licentiate thesis 1997-05 (pdf)


Teaching (courses given)

  • Responsible for the program Technology Management (
    Technology Management a master program in cooperation between Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) and The School of Economics (EHL), Lund University. 
  • Consultant at Genombrottet (
    Genombrottet is LTH's center for pedagogical development. 
  • Ph.D. Courses
  • Master Thesis projects
  • Engineering program
  • External courses
  • More information about my teaching


Learning (courses taken)

  • Leadership courses
  • Pedagogical courses
  • Management and administration courses
  • More information about my learning


External Activities

  • Vice chair for ISO TC184/SC5 (2017-present)
    • ISO: International Organisation for Standardisation
    • TC184: Industrial Automation
    • SC5: Interoperability, integration and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications 
  • Active member in the following standardization activities
    • ISA 95: Enterprise/Control System Integration
    • ISA 88: Batch Control
    • IEC 62264: Enterprise/Control System Integration
    • ISO 22400: Key Performance indicators for Manufacturing Operations Management (editor, part-1)
    • ISO 15746: Integration of Advanced Process Control and Optimization Capabilities for manufacturing Systems
    • IEC AhG3 (AdHoc Group 3): Smart Manufacturing Framework and System Architecture
    • IEC TC65E AhG1(AdHoc Group 1: Smart manufacturing Information Model)
    • SIS SAG (Strategic Advisory Group Smart Manufacturing)
  • Founder (1 of 2) of SESAM-Sweden
    • SESAM-Sweden is an industrial organization focusing on Industrial IT and Automation. The activities are mainly located in Southern Sweden.  More information SESAM-Sverige.
  • Director of European Operations WBF
    • WBF is the organisation for production technology (originally World Batch Forum). Their main activity in Europe is the bi-annual conference. More information WBF. In 2012, WBF merged with MESA.



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