A Stochastic Control Approach to Optimal Power System Operation

Researchers: Magnus Perninge

Funding: VR

One of the main challenges when operating a power system is the economic re-dispatch performed to meet the continuously changing consumption patterns. When assuming the market structure of most deregulated power markets, with a specific power market designated to re-dispatch, the re-dispatch problem becomes an optimal switching problem with delays.

This aim of this project is therefore devoted to numerical solution techniques for large-scale stochastic optimal switching problems with delays.

Stochastic optimal switching problems are a subset of stochastic optimal control problems where the control set is finite and there is a fixed cost (or reward) associated to switching between the different points of the control set.

Stochastic optimal switching has a number of other important applications, such as mineral extraction, electricity generation optimization, gas storage, traffic control, etc. Almost all of which have switching delays.

Although the stochastic optimal switching problem has been solved in a rather general setting, most numerical methods suffer from the curse of dimensionality (which becomes even more apparent in the presence of delays).


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