LISA - Line Information System Architecture

Researchers: Charlotta Johnsson and Alfred Theorin with partners from KTH, Chalmers, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Leax, Scania and Volvo Cars.

Funding: VINNOVA FFI Sustainable Production Engineering.

Duration: 2011-2014

Future sustainable competitive production systems need to be productive and flexible, as well as environmentally friendly and safe for the personnel. There are today few system solutions that assist production management with a coherent information model and a modular system architecture that facilitates for data gathering regarding products and processes throughout the entire plant. To solve this problem the aim of this project is to develop a line information system architecture – LISA that can be used in industrial production systems in general and in automotive discrete manufacturing specifically.

Involvement: The department of Automatic Control is involved in the LISA-workpackage that assures development of new relevant standards, in order to guarantee that the automotive manufacturer’s perspective is taken into account. The workpackage makes it possible to obtain feedback and interaction between the industries involved in LISA and corresponding standard committees. Examples of relevant standards currently developed are: IEC 62264 and ISO 22400.



Figure : Functional levels of software products and information systems.