LUCAS - Lund Center for Applied Software Research

Researchers: Karl-Erik Årzén, Rolf Johansson, Anders Robertsson, Anton Cervin, Anders Nilsson and Anders Blomdell in collaboration with Department of Computer Science, Lund University

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The Center for Applied Software Research (LUCAS) is a collaboration between the software-oriented parts of the Departments of Automatic Control and Computer Science at LTH. In total around 15 faculty members and 20 PhD students are involved in LUCAS. The focus of LUCAS  is industrially-oriented and motivated software research. This includes research on software engineering, software technology, and software applications. Special focus is put on real-time systems, in particular embedded systems, networked systems, and control systems.

LUCAS started in 1999 and its status has changed over the years. Currently its main role is to act as an umbrella organization. The main activity is the annual LUCAS  workshop. The internal breakfast seminars goes from Fall 2017 under the name Digit@LTH and also involves digitalization-related activities at the Mathematics and the EIT departments.