Dynamic Exchange Economics in Transport Systems

Researchers: Martin Heyden, Anders Rantzer

Funding: Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

We study the interplay between economics and traffic flows in transport networks. Such competitive interaction is essential in many applications, including logistics, electrical power flow and telecommunications. Our objective is to understand and exploit the interaction between node demands and network dynamics with focus on
  • Exchange equilibria in traffic networks.
  • Network dynamics in presence human decision-makers

This is a subproject of SoPhy.


During 2017, we studied a transportation problem with delays on a line graph. The problem can for instance describe inventory control for a set of stores around a setpoint. We showed that the optimal LQ controler is highly structured, can be synthesized efficiently and exactly, and implemented using a simple local communication scheme. We expect that this result can be extended to more general graph structures, and will aim to do so during 2018.