Conference Contribution

Rewriting JGrafchart with Rewritable Reference Attribute Grammars

Alfred Theorin, Karl-Erik Årzén, Charlotta Johnsson


Grafchart is a graphical programming language for sequential control applications. It exists in two versions: the basic version (BV) and the high-level version (HLV). The currently used Grafchart tool, JGrafchart, only supports BV. To enable further research on HLV, it must be supported by JGrafchart. Since HLV is a superset of BV it is desirable to add it as an extension to the current implementation of BV. Rewritable Reference Attribute Grammars (ReRAGs) have been successfully used to implement several other extensible compilers. Grafchart consists of one graphical and two textual sub-languages. This paper focuses on making the two textual sub-languages extensible by rewriting them using ReRAGs. The sup notation is added as an extension to the ReRAGs implementation to confirm extensibility.


Grafchart, Attribute Grammars, JastAdd, Language Extension

In Industrial Track of Software Language Engineering 2012, Dresden, Germany, September 2012.

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