Journal Article

Dynamic Object-Oriented Heat Exchanger Models for Simulation of Fluid Property Transitions

Tomas Skoglund, Karl-Erik Årzén, Petr Dejmek


Object-oriented heat exchanger models were developed to simulate the dynamic thermal effects of dynamic changes in fluid composition and thus of fluid properties in a type of liquid typical for food products. The models were written in the object-oriented language Modelica as objects in a library structure being developed to simulate complex liquid food process lines and their control systems. The models were based on moderate discretization of the heat exchanger into control volumes, and the fluid dispersion was modelled either as ideal mixing or as transport delay in each control volume. The transport delay model exhibited the best computational performance as well as affording flexibility in fluid dispersion modelling.


Heat exchanger; Fluid property transitions; Dynamic model; Object-oriented; Liquid food; Dispersion

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 49:13-14, pp. 2291–2303, January 2006.