Conference Contribution

Closing the Information Loop in Recipe-Based Batch Production

Estanislao Musulin, María J. Arbiza, Anna Bonfill, Luis Puigjaner, Rasmus Olsson, Karl-Erik Årzén


In addition to the basic regulatory functions, a batch control system must support production planning and scheduling, recipe management, resource allocation, batch report generation, unit supervision and exception handling. A closed-loop framework is presented in this work that integrates decision support tools required at the different levels of a decision-making hierarchical batch control system. Specifically, the proposed framework consists of a reactive batch scheduler (MOPP) and a fault diagnosis system (ExSit-M) developed by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and a S88-recipe-based coordinator (JGrafchart) developed by the Lund University. These tools need to exchange information to obtain optimal utilization of the production plant. The complete integrated system is built using a general recipe description and other guidelines from ISA S88 standard.


Batch, Integration, Reactive Scheduling, Fault Diagnosis, Recipe, Grafchart

In Proceedings of European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering---{ESCAPE} 15, May 2005.