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Dynamic Optimization in

Fredrik Magnusson, Johan Åkesson


We present the open-source software framework in for numerically solving large-scale dynamic optimization problems. The framework solves problems whose dynamic systems are described in Modelica, an open modeling language supported by several different tools. The framework implements a numerical method based on direct local collocation, of which the details are presented. The implementation uses the open-source third-party software package CasADi to construct the nonlinear program in order to efficiently obtain derivative information using algorithmic differentiation. The framework is interfaced with the numerical optimizers IPOPT and WORHP for finding local optima of the optimization problem after discretization. We provide an illustrative example based on the Van der Pol oscillator of how the framework is used. We also present results for an industrially relevant problem regarding optimal control of a distillation column.


Processes, 3:2, pp. 471–496,2015.

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