Conference Contribution

A General Method for Handling Disturbances on Utilities in the Process Industry

Anna Lindholm, Hampus Carlsson, Charlotta Johnsson


Utilities, such as steam or cooling water, have shown to play an important role within the process industry, since a malfunctioning utility is a plant-wide disturbance that can lead to large revenue losses due to reduced production quantities. This work focuses on identifying disturbances on utilities that give economical consequences. Measures of utility availability and area availability are introduced and used for estimating the ratio of disturbances on utilities. A generic method for handling disturbances on utilities is presented, which could be applied using site models of different level of detail. Some modeling approaches for modeling a site are described and the framework of the general method is demonstrated with a case study example at Perstorp AB, Sweden.


plant-wide disturbances, disturbance localization, process control, enterprise modeling

In Proc. of the 18th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), Milano, Italy, In 18th IFAC World Congress, Milano, Italy, August 2011.

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