Conference Contribution

Hierarchical scheduling and utility disturbance management in the process industry

Anna Lindholm, Charlotta Johnsson, Nils-Hassan Quttineh, Helene Lidestam, Mathias Henningsson, Joakim Wikner, Ou Tang, Nils-Petter Nytzén, Krister Forsman


The integration of scheduling and control in the process industry is a topic that has been frequently discussed during the recent years, but many challenges remain in order to achieve integrated solutions that can be implemented for large-scale industrial sites. In this paper we consider production control under disturbances in the supply of utilities at integrated sites together with the integration towards production scheduling. Utilities, such as steam and cooling water, are often shared between the production areas of a site, which enables formulation of an optimization problem for determining the optimal supply of utilities to each area at the occurrence of a disturbance. Optimization in two timescales is suggested to handle the scheduling and disturbance management problems in a hierarchical fashion. The suggested structure has been discussed with companies within the chemical process industry. A simple example is provided to show how the structure may be used.


production control, hierarchical control, disturbance rejection, chemical industry, process control, optimization problems


In IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control (MIM2013), Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 2013.

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