Conference Contribution

Production scheduling in the process industry

Anna Lindholm, Pontus Giselsson, Nils-Hassan Quttineh, Helene Lidestam, Charlotta Johnsson, Krister Forsman


The purpose of this paper is to formulate an optimization model for the production scheduling problem at continuous production sites. The production scheduling activity should produce a monthly schedule that accounts for orders and forecasts of all products. The plan should be updated every day, with feedback on the actual production the previous day. The actual daily production may be lower than the planned production due to disturbances, e.g. disruptions in the supply of a utility. The work is performed in collaboration with Perstorp, a world-leading company within several sectors of the specialty chemicals market. Together with Perstorp, a list of specifications for the production scheduling has been formulated. These are formulated mathematically in a mixed-integer linear program that is solved in receding horizon fashion. The formulation of the model aims to be general, such that it may be used for any process industrial site.


production scheduling, process industry, real-time optimization, receding horizon, mixed-integer linear program

In 22nd International Conference on Production Research, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, July 2013.

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