Conference Contribution

Comparison Between Robust PID and Predictive PI Controllers with Constrained Control Signal Noise Sensitivity

Per-Ola Larsson, Tore Hägglund


A performance comparison between PID and predictive PI (PPI) controllers, i.e., two different prediction methods, is presented. Optimization of controller and measurement filter parameters, considering load disturbance rejection, robustness and noise sensitivity, is performed for a batch of industrially representative processes. For a majority of the processes and the constraints chosen, results show that the performances of the controllers are similar. However, the PID controller yields better performance for processes where increased phase and gain may be achieved over a wider frequency interval than what is possible by the PPI controller.


PID, predictive PI, optimization, noise sensitivity, robustness

In IFAC Conference on Advances in PID Control, Brescia, Italy, March 2012.

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